Three Ways to Keep Your Dental Practice Site Relevant in 2017

it's 2017 - will your dentistry be the best at seo?

Does your dental SEO have what it takes to survive 2017?

2017 is only about a month away, and that means it’s time for you to take stock of your business for this year and make plans for the next – and that includes a long, hard look at your current SEO, social media, and other online marketing strategies.

SEO is always changing – that’s the one constant in the SEO world. And if you want the truth, not even the best SEO marketers and internet marketing gurus really know what’s around the corner – but we can study trends and let you know what’s likely ahead. Preparation is everything when it comes to selling your dental practice to potential clients.

To get prepared, there are 3 major things you need to do as we enter 2017. The first is to remember your SEO fundamentals. The second is to be aware of the major trends showing what Google and the other big search engines might do in the future. And the third is to be alert about every major change in the search engine world.

1. Remembering your SEO fundamentals.

Despite every major change that’s come from Google and the other search engines throughout their long and storied history, two things have mattered more than anything else: content and authority.

Your content has to be relevant and attractive, and also must naturally but frequently use the keywords you expect potential customers to search for.

Your site has to have external links from other sites with high traffic, relevance, and authority.

If your site doesn’t have these things, it’s not going to rank anywhere good on SERPs. These are your SEO fundamentals, and you have to stick to them if you want any kind of success in the SEO world.

That being said, having good content and good links alone cannot ensure your success. That’s why you have to also look to the future when it comes to SEO.

2. Be aware of the big trends in SEO.

There are always big changes in the SEO world, but there are also always big signs that those changes are coming.

Semantic search, for example, was introduced by Google as long ago as 2013, but it’s only becoming more and more relevant to the SEO world as time passes. Lucky for you, we recently posted an article showing how dentists can put semantic search to work for them.

If you stay abreast of changes and trends such as semantic search and new search engine features like it, you can come to understand these changes before they have their biggest impact – meaning you can get ahead of the curve.

3. Know that change is coming – and you can’t always expect it.

Yes, the signs are always there when it comes to big changes in the SEO world, but that doesn’t mean that someone will necessarily read them right every time.

If a new major algorithm update drops – and don’t worry, it will – you need to keep a cool head and see what effect, if any, it’s had on you. The great writers at SearchEngineLand actually just posted an article about this topic.

When the changes come, remember the trends and the fundamentals, do your research, and proceed calmly and confidently. If you keep all these things in mind, your dental online marketing is sure to thrive in 2017.