Three Ways a Social Media Presence Can Be a Big Help for your Dental Practice

Facebook for Law Firm SEO

Everyone knows that social media is a must for any kind of successful business these days, but how exactly does a big presence on social media (from Facebook and Instagram to WordPress and LinkedIn) help your dental practice? Here are three ways something as simple as a Facebook profile can help your business in terms of SEO and customer relations.

1. A social media presence gives your dental practice more opportunities to be found in Google and other search engine listings.

Every business wants to be at the top of Google’s first results page for relevant searches. However, getting a business website up there can be difficult and time consuming. Building a social media presence is a fast, legitimate way to get more web users talking about and interacting with your business. Also, if you’ve already gotten your official website into the top search results, a big social media presence can help you dominate more of the first page – pushing competition and irrelevant results out in favor of more exposure for you.

Facebook, Instagram, and other social media profiles are all searchable by Google’s algorithms – and because of these sites’ huge traffic and well-known legitimacy, their profiles often appear very high in Google listings.

2. A social media profile can give customers a quick but detailed explanation of what sets your dentistry apart.

Social networking sites are so successful because they’re amazing at giving customers what they want and need quickly and simply. That includes when they’re giving everyday users information about local businesses – including yours!

Looking at just the Facebook Timeline and basic profile information of your business can give a potential customer a taste of what sets your dentistry apart from all the others in town – your good reviews, before-and-after pictures of your work, and more.

3. As an added bonus, your social media profiles tell clients when, where, and how to find you – online and in the real world.

Part of the basic information in a Facebook or LinkedIn profile (and information you can easily put into an Instagram profile) is all the basic information about your dentistry – the kinds of work you do, your address and phone number, your website, your business hours, and everything else a potential customer needs to know.

A professional, fully fleshed out social media profile or two will give potential clients an opportunity to see all of this relevant information in one place – making it easier for them to contact you to ask important questions or set up an appointment.

When this basic information is set alongside information and images you or an internet marketing professional have specially chosen to promote your dental practice, the basic factual information also lends the promotional material legitimacy and relevance.

What Does All This Mean for You?

If you want to have a successful dentistry with high SEO rankings, ease of access, and simple and effective promotional material, a firm and professional social media presence is a must for you. It can help your business thrive even among the toughest competition.