If you have landed on this website, you either work at a dental clinic or you are a marketing consultant. Either way, you are searching for innovative & effective methods in order to help dental clinics close more patients.

The issue is that most marketing companies keep on repeating the same information & the same re-hashed, worn out methods which simply do not work anymore, adding a lot of "noise" and "confusion" in the market.

IMPORTANT: Read the info on this page very carefully. I assure you that the method mentioned on this page will show you better results.

Let a Renowned Marketing Expert Disclose His "Unique" Dental Marketing Process Which Will Promote Your Dental Practice on Auto-Pilot, Helping You Close At Least 15-50 New Patients Monthly - GUARANTEED!

I have another GUARANTEE in place: If after 3 months you do not see good results with my marketing process, we will work for you after that for free till you are satisfied.

Learn How My "Unique" Method Has Helped 152+ Dental Clinics Close A Lot More Patients...

I want to educate you on how our method is more effective than most dental marketing services. I can assure you that 99% of dental clinics are not using these marketing tactics.

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  • Ideal For Dental Clinics

    Our method works exceptionally well for dental clinics, irrespective of what city they are in.

  • Based on Extensive Testing

    Stastistically speaking, our method has been responsible for the success of 152+ dental clinics.

  • 100% White-hat Method

    Our method complies with all laws & shows great results.

That being said, you are probably wondering who I am and why should you be listening to me in the first place.

Well, let me introduce myself.

My name is Yasir Khan and I am a well-known marketing consultant.

I have helped 152+ dental clinics in US & Canada close more patients & make a lot more money by enabling them to market their services to the right audience in a passive but automated manner.

You can look up my name online in Google to see I have started many different businesses which have helped countless webmasters & business owners transform their businesses.

I have been in the marketing industry for almost half a decade now and I have seen things change dramatically over the last couple of years.

The problem with marketing is that it keeps evolving, which means that if you are using a "new" or "flashy" tactic today, it might not work tomorrow (or might even get your website penalized).

Understanding this ONE fact will help you start over and use a system which works every single day & continues to deliver results.

However, let's backtrack a little bit.

Nod Your Head If You Agree..

  • Aren't you sick & tired of promoting your dental clinic through worn-out methods like Yellow Pages & Yelp (which everyone seems to use)?
  • Aren't you tired of hearing the same old SEO pitches from telemarketers?
  • Have you paid thousands of dollars to "marketing companies" only to see no results & no guarantees?
  • Aren't you tired of creating flyers & putting up physical banners to promote your dental practice?
  • Aren't you tired of hosting companies & domain registrars trying to force you to sign a contract?
  • Aren't you extremely skeptical now when you hear about someone being able to get you more patients?

If these points ring a bell, you are among 95% of dentists out there who are still trying to find a suitable way to see better results with their dental practice but have failed.

Sad, I know..

However, stay on this page & I will tell you all you need to do in order to dramatically increase your profitability.


What Most Dental Clinics Do Wrong...

You probably know that the mass majority of dental clinics are happy with the limited number of patients they can get from passive ways of advertising such as Yellow Pages & Yelp.

This is because the dentist in question doesn't know a lot about the new innovative methods available in 2015 which can allow them to close 2-3X more patients.

Generally speaking, a dentist adds his clinic's listings to all the major business listings websites in the hopes that whenever someone searches for dental services, his dental clinic gets found.

Unfortunately, 99% of dental clinics do not know that you can actively (and passively) target their audience (who lives in the near vicinity to their dental clinic) through "social media" and other relevant channels.

What I mean is: 99% of dental clinics are NOT promoting their services actively through online marketing & social media, which is why their business is mediocre at best.


My "Unique" Dental Marketing Process Which Will Help You Close More Patients On Auto-Pilot

I always promote marketing tactics which are result-based & which are NOT being used by the mass majority of your competition.


Because using these tactics will help you dominate your local market & legal "steal" business from other dental clinics.

My marketing process is based on 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Actively marketing your dental services to people within 5-15 miles of your dental practice

Step 2: Passively marketing your dental services to anyone searching for these services in the leading search engines

Step 3: Showing your ads/banners multiple times, for the next 30 days ONLY to people who have visited your dental clinic's website so they call in to book an appointment.

Remember, 99% of dental clinics do NOT use this approach which is why it is extremely effective.

The diagram below will help you understand how this process works:

Let me make this slightly involved process really simple for you.

We first start advertising your dental clinic's services on Facebook to only those people who are living within a 5-15 mile radius of your dental practice, asking them to avail a discounted offer i.e. 50% off teeth cleaning or a FREE consultation.

We also get your dental clinic's websites ranked in Google, Yahoo & Bing so whenever someone searches for a dental clinic nearby, your website pops up.

Once we start getting people to visit your website, we set up re-targeting, which allows us to show the website visitors your dental clinic's banner ads for 30 days, no matter where they are on the web.

This allows them multiple chances to see your offer & call in.

That's really how simple it is to close a lot more patients on auto-pilot!


Let's Break This Process Down, Step By Step

Segment 1: Getting You Patients Through Facebook Marketing (With a Twist)

You have probably heard of Facebook but what you don't know is that we have been able to see exceptionally good results for dentists with it.

Assuming you are a dentist, you know for a fact that most of your patients reside within a 5-15 mile radius of your dental office location.

Facebook allows us to market your dental services to ONLY those people who live in your vicinity.

This allows us to market to people who definitely would be interested in your services and are nearby, so they can avail them.

Once we create a Facebook marketing campaign for you, we send all the interested visitors to your dental website, where they can either enter their information or can call in to book an appointment.



Segment 2: Getting You Patients By Ranking Your Dental Site in Search Engines (With a Twist)

Nearly every single dental clinic has a website where they mention their services & their team.

What 99% of dental clinic owners do not realize is that their website is useless if it doesn't get found.

For the most part, it takes a proven & high quality SEO service to rank websites at the top for their keyword phrases.

As an example, if you are as dentist in Bolton, Canada, you would ideally want your website to show up in Google, Yahoo and Bing for keywords such as "best dentist in Bolton", " affordable dentist in Bolton", "dental clinics Bolton" etc.

You know for a fact that if your website ranked on Page 1 for these keyword terms, you will get a lot of patients to call in every single day.


Because statistics suggest that over 89% of prospective patients use Google search in order to find out the best, affordable & nearest dental clinic to them.

And as you know, Yellow Pages, Yelp & other similar services do not help a lot in this particular market, no matter what they might try to get you to believe.

Realistically, you can get at least 10-25 new patients every single month by just getting your website to rank on Page 1.

That being said, we know for a fact that our renowned SEO services has helped 152+ dental clinics rank at the top of Google for their keyword phrases, enabling them to close 1000s of patients.

As an example, all the 6 websites mentioned below belong to a single client of ours. We have ranked all his websites on Google Page 1 for 20-50 of his keywords, allowing him to literally dominate his city.

This has helped the dental clinic close at least 30-45 new patients every single month through SEO only (we are not even mentioning the patients received through Facebook marketing).

He is now generating at least $31,223 in additional revenue every month.

Segment 3: Getting You Patients By Re-Targeting All Prospective Patients

This third segment is extremely important.

We use re-targeting in order to market your dental services to prospective patients who have visited your website by clicking on your Facebook Ads or by searching your website through Google etc.

So what exactly is re-targeting?

Re-targeting is a marketing tactic which shows your banner ads to ONLY those visitors who have already expressed an interest in your services.

The best part is that re-targeting shows banner ads relating to your dental office to anyone, no matter where they are on the web.

They could be checking their Facebook, surfing the web etc. but they will keep seeing your ads for the next 30 days till they call in to book an appointment.

So once again, why is re-targeting necessary?

Because statistically, people need to see your offer 5-7 times before they make a decision to purchase.

This is exactly why we use re-targeting, something which 99% of dental clinics have absolutely no idea about.


Our Method Has a 93% Success Rate

Since we have helped 152+ dental clinics close a lot more patients on auto-pilot, we are able to know for sure that our method has a 93% success rate for a couple of reasons:

  • Almost no one is using all the 3 segments that our method offers, which definitely gives you an edge
  • Most dental clinics are not technically inclined & rely on old methods which do not work as effectively anymore


Our "Unique" Guarantee

We will show you results within 3 months..

Our method has a success rate of 93%.

This means that the chance of this method not showing you good results is negligible.

Our guarantee is simple: Stick with us for 3 months. If you don't see good results after 3 months, we will work for you for free till you do.

Limited Seats Available


We are currently servicing 152+ dental clinics across US & Canada at the time of writing this sales letter.

As you know, it takes time & effort to manage clients since each client is different.

Therefore, I have decided to limit the total number of seats for this program to 170.

This means that currently there are around 18 seats left.

Once those spots are gone, we will close this offer for the next couple of months.

And no, this isn't a sleazy marketing tactic, it is a verifiable fact.

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience.


Pricing & Packages

Generally speaking, every client is different since they have their own limitations, requirements & goals.

Therefore, we do not provide any one-size-fit-all packages since we know they will never be able to get the job done the right way.

Therefore the pricing really depends on what city you are located in, the competition level & the work required to dominate the competition.

That being said, here are some pricing examples so you can get an idea on how much investment is required:

  • A dental clinic in Tijuana was charged $250 per month for Facebook marketing, $400 per month for SEO & $250 per month for re-targeting
  • A dental clinic in Toronto was charged $450 per month for Facebook marketing, $500 per month for SEO & $250 per month for re-targeting
  • A dental clinic in Houston was charged $350 per month for Facebook marketing, $400 per month for SEO & $250 per month for re-targeting

As you can see, the bigger the city, the more investment is required to see good results.

However, once the system is set up, we have never had a client who was not happy with the results.

Client Testimonials

Here's a short list of testimonials from clients who are happy with our services & are loving the results they are seeing:

Good work! We are seeing good results with your marketing strategies. I currently have 5 dental websites ranked on Google Page 1, allowing us to get many more patients.

- Jm C

Working like a charm! Amazing work Yasir. I am getting a lot more calls from prospective patients & I hope in the coming months, once we streamline the marketing services, we should be able to increase our profitability. I aim to hire another receptionist in 3-6 months if the demand for our services increases.

- Dennis F

Thank you Yasir for the in-depth tutorials & also for the help in getting us more patients. I am now getting more calls to our office every day.

- Max Weiser

Thank you for the breakdown of this method. I must admit, I have never seen anything like it. Most companies keep on pushing the same old junky tactics so it is refreshing to see someone who knows what they are talking about.

- Asif Mahoon

We added many new services to our dental clinic & Yasir instructed us to give a 50% off of teeth whitening in order to get people to come in. I am pleasantly surprised to report that doing this ONE thing has helped us increase the number of patients. We are now getting at least 5-6 new patients every single week. God bless!

- Eric Mason

Unlike other dentists, I actually know a thing or two about online marketing. I was able to set up 2 of the 3 steps Yasir mentions in his guide & we are beginning to see results. I hope to hire Yasir to expand our productivity in the near future.

- David W.

Amazing work Yasir, much appreciated. My team tells me we have closed 18 new patients in month 1 with your method.

- Doug Campbell

I work as a dental hygienist in an office in Houston, Texas. Yasir set up his dental marketing method for us 2 months ago and I can verify that we have received at least 15 new patients last month alone through it. thank you for a job well done and I hope we will see better results in the future.

- Victoria

We have 35+ other testimonials, available upon request.

Have More Questions?

We understand that all the information presented to you on this page sounds too good to be true.

I know this fact, since nearly every dentist who requests a quote from us mentions this.

This is precisely the reason why we are offering a 20 minute FREE no-obligation phone call which will allow you to ask us as many questions as you like before you sign up.

Also, if you decide this isn't for you, no hard feelings at all.

I never try to hard-sell since I am extremely proud of my services & know their work.

If you would like to talk to me on the phone, please enter your information using the button below:


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P.S. Remember, we are not selling a service to you, we are providing you with a means of improving the bottom line of your dental clinic by using a refined method which has been showing results to us for a long time, in nearly every market out there.

This process ensures that you never have to chase after your patients. If anything, patients come to you themselves, since they have the right incentives to give you a call.


To your success, 

Yasir Khan

Owner of PromoteDental.Net