9 Best Tips in Avoiding Your Oral Cancer Danger

Best _tips_Avoiding_dental_cancer

Here are the effective and helpful tips you need to do to prevent oral cancer and/or determining in its early stage:

1. Always brush and floss your teeth regularly. Unhealthy mouth deteriorates your immune system and prevents your body’s ability to defend against potential cancers.

2. Don’t smoke or chew any type of tobacco products. If you’re a smoker, though it’s just a casual habit, make a firm decision to stop.

3. Drink alcohol in moderation only – one to two drinks per day and never binge on drinks. The danger of having an oral cancer increases with the amount and length of time alcohol and tobacco products are consumed.

4. You have to limit your sun exposure. We all know we need to apply sunscreen, but do we consider applying it on our lips? Always put UV-A/B-blocking sun protection on your lips when you are under the heat of the sun. Repeated exposure increases the risk of having cancer on the lips, especially in your lower lip. There are various handy lipstick-size sunscreen tubes to put in your purse for everyday use. Some even comes in color tint and flavor to substitute your ordinary lip gloss or moisturizer.

5. You need to exercise every day. An active lifestyle is known to be effective in boosting the immune system and help prevent cancer.

6. Eat cancer-fighting foods in your diet. The American Institute for Cancer Research recommends you eat lots of beans, cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage and broccoli, berries, flaxseed, garlic, grapes, green tea, dark green leafy vegetables, soy and tomatoes for their function in cancer stoppage. “Today, the effect of diets and nutrition in preventing cancer is the very rampant,” says Dr. Lewei Zhang, a professor of oral and biomedical sciences at the University of British Columbia.

7. How you cook the foods is also crucial in the prevention of cancer. Like, you must replace grilling and frying with baking, steaming or boiling. Use healthy spices such as the ginger, garlic, curry powder in order to add taste.

8. Check with your dentist or dental hygienist regularly at least every six months and ask for an oral cancer screening test.

9. You must conduct a self-exam at least once a month. Plan to perform it the same time you do your breast self-exam. It only takes a few minutes but could have an important impact in your life. You must buy a mouth mirror which is available at most drugstores. Be sure to check the back and sides of your tongue. If you see or feel anything doubtful like bumps, lumps, white, red or grey patches, tender areas, then immediately see your dentist to have it examined.